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2005-01-25 : 1:26 a.m.

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new project

well, my poncho project is nearing the 15" mark where i shall do the last round of decreasing and then we'll see what happens after its laundered.

at my university they give these cheap red book totes to all the incoming freshmen during their orientation. I dug mine up and have been using it as a knitting bag. its not very nice and people look at me like i'm a lost freshman on campus. so i was looking everywhere for a good pattern for a knitting bag since i'm not sure enough to start making my own patterns. i really liked the 'unbiased' recycled silk hobo bag from but i didn't really want to order any yarn. i also wanted some yarn for some other projects. this led to a trip to the local joann store. i really like joann's website and i think they are a good company but our local store was pretty disgraceful. there wasn't just one section for the yarn and i couldn't find where they kept any of the regular patons brand or fancy bernat brand. not only that but each location for yarn only had enough space for like 10 skeins. enough for an afghan pretty much would wipe out a whole color.
the one interesting thing was i got some patons pebbles as a replacement yarn for the recycled silk. its a super bulky yarn of acrylic/polyester/wool. its got these "pebbles" of thick color scattered through it. i got the white rock color for my bag and it's looking pretty good so far. its got a firm texture on the size needles i'm using so i know the bag isn't going to stretch all over. i still might line it so needles can poke through though. the weird thing about this is that patons pebbles is not for sale on the joann website and the patons website says its only available in canada. i could have sworn i saw it at ben franklin's in my hometown though.