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2005-01-30 : 7:39 p.m.

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chocolate and sugar and cream

oh, in my last entry when i was listing what i'd do after my hobo bag i forgot that i had the stuff to make the vegan fox! yes, i shall have to do that one sometime too. thats the one i got replacement yarns for that may turn out scary colored.
so for secret project #a (not to be confused with #1) i decided on some nice cotton yarn. i was reading a review on a cotton/nylon yarn and people were so happy with it because it didn't stretch nearly as much as plain cottong yarn. then i was like, hey, my expensive yarn is supposed to stretch, so why don't i just get cotton yarn since it stretches anyway! so i went with the sugar and cream kind. all the reviews were about making dishtowels except a few that suggested it for summer tops. since secret project #a is along those lines, it should be perfect. its also supposed to drape really well and be heavy so +++.
i'm halfway through my 3rd hobo bag piece. for some reason i don't really feel like working on it though, even being finished with homework and other related things. instead i'm sitting here eating chocolate chips and staring at the computer. ok, fine, i'll do it...