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2005-02-28 : 4:34 p.m.

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wooo, i finished things some more

whee, here is my finished bag:

in the background you can see the white blob i'm currently working on. its mr. flurry from the 501 knitting secrets newsletter series.

here is also the poncho i finished in between them.

I chose to keep it short and its super cute and cozy. i think if it was longer i would get too hot. but it left me with an extra ball of yarn (which i already have a project picked out for; think copper fur lines + scarf).
my bag also left me with extra yarn because it wasn't the same as the silk... either that or i need to start making things as big as i think they should be rather than measuring them, which is what i think most of the pattern designers would do anyways.
i tried to make secret project #1 but i was having trouble with its bulky yarn and needles and i needed to practice different stitches, so thats why i went for the snowman pattern. i'm also going to try halving that pattern or 3/4thing it to see if i can get like a snowman family.
i started to make my vegan fox and realized the yarn i tried to substitute wasn't working together at all so i have to get new and do other things with my substitutes (eg. copper fur scarf thing).

so right now i only have one thing started which is my snowman's hat. its soft and purple.