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2005-03-31 : 8:33 p.m.

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i restarted one of my 'secret' projects using a different cast on and i had just caught up to where i was and suddenly i've got a row thats off again. i'm not going to worry about it though. the nature of knit is that its hand made and there's just going to be mistakes. besides, its a huge thing and a single row mistake probably won't be all that noticeable.
speaking of huge things, i forgot i was supposed to make a baby blanket until last night when my friend asked me for my address so she could send me an invitation (for her baby shower)! luckily for me, i am in the free shipping club and i had a code for 50% off one item (which actually expired today!). last night i ordered 3 skeins of red heart baby clouds and a size 15 36" circular needle (clover bamboo). the needle was the most expensive (the yarn was on sale) so the 50% got applied to it. the blanket pattern is about the easiest you can get. its just stripes of stockinette stitch with eyelets in the thinner stripes. i decided against making the hat that came with it because i believe that it will still be summer when she has the baby, or at least fall.
my vegan fox is coming along nicely but i got lazy and haven't finished it. i only have to knit the face and legs/paws and then do a whole lot of finishing work. maybe there will be some time between now and finals.

ps. size 35 circular needles are both hard to find and expensive! the online store associated with has some nice ones. i can't wait to sell back my books!