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2005-04-07 : 4:51 p.m.

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i got all the supplies i ordered the other day for the baby blanket! and i already did the first 7 rows! at first i was a little concerned about the blue being too powdery (which might be bad if she has a girl) but then i noticed that where it was supposed to have gray highlights, it looked pink next to the white, so its both pink and blue. it definately doesn't look like the picture on the link i posted (not that bright/dark). this was the first time i've used decorative yarnovers. it made crazy holes with a single strand through them.
i was also further distracted from my homework by the new issue up at! they included a ton of patterns, including a bunch of tanktops and, of particular interest to me, knit and felted flowers. the cover is also neato.
they are having a calendar contest where you make a design and send in a picture. i wonder if my fox would apply since i ordered the kit. i think it would as long as the picture is knitty style. i was thinking it would look cute peeking up over a plant or maybe even go for that 1930s style somehow.
meh, i probably won't even get it done by the time the thing comes around. must finish homework now...