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2005-05-20 : 8:07 a.m.

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the american dollar is worth more than the austrailian dollar

well then. has been a while since I updated. i finished the secret project i was doing on the big size 35 needles. pictures will be posted sometime.
i have started on the next 'secret' project that i bought a billion balls of cotton for but its kind of stalling because i have been particularly busy with summer school just starting. i might be able to work on it this weekend if i get all my stuff due monday and tuesday done.
also, i bought marnie's erte cloche pattern! this lead to a crazy search for sock weight yarn. in the pattern, she uses koigu which isn't really that affordable for me. i searched about every yarn website for sock/fingering weight yarn and i couldn't really find anything cheap, but then i went to the knitty coffeeshop and looked on the yarn sale listings and found ozeyarn. its an australian website but ordering 4 balls of sock yarn and having them shipped here from australia was less expensive than ordering two balls of the koigu from any of the sites i found with a range of colors. i ordered 'baby wool' which is 100% washable merino. i got lavender as the main color and magenta for the accent color. i also got a ball of green because i felt that mine needed leaves, then i can use whats left to play around because i've never used lightweight yarn.

i better head off to class!