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2005-08-04 : 6:14 p.m.

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oops, forgot to update!

so... in the long ass period of time that i haven't updated this thing, i've finished my vegan fox although i'm not going to be able to enter it into the calendar contest because i don't have access to a 5 megapixel camera right now and it has to be mailed by august 13th. i did fill out their knitting bag survey though which enters you to win free stuff. i also am close to finishing my second secret project which has now been revealed as the 'not so warm coat' from the knitting experience: the knit stitch. it was originally a birthday gift for mom but you know things i make for mom are never finished on time.... but i promised her it would be done before she needed to wear a coat and i'm halfway done with the first sleeve. when the other sleeve is done, all that will be left is finishing work.

i only have one other project that has been started and i haven't ripped out and that is a knit length-wise scarf from lion brand jiffy in country green and fun fur in copper. its definately a fall scarf which is ok cause i don't think anyone would want to wear it for warmth with all that fun fur in their mouth :P

i have alot of projects i could start on too. chris wanted me to make him something the day he found out that i could cross stitch which was like 2 years ago. now that i've switched to knitting, he wants me to knit him something... 90% of patterns for men are sweaters and he's not a sweater guy.... ok, so i found one at called Leo that is sleek/flattering which calls for some very pricey yarn. and then i can't find anyone online who sells it. so i find a place selling jaeger trinity that suggests it as a good replacement for the yarn called for in the pattern. long story short, i agreed to knit him the sweater if he bought the yarn. thanks to my great big brother jake, i won't have to buy the circular needle required for this project because he got me the boye needlemaster kit, yayayayayay!
other projects include the cloche pattern i ordered from marnie. a two skein lion brand homespun shawl that reminds me of a butterfly and will test my lame crochet skills made from the leftover wedding afghan yarn. some sort of scrappy shawl/poncho made from the recycled silk i have. a bag knitted from plastic bags seen on knitty gritty on DIY. uber remnant project of doom.

omg, i almost forgot, i started making a magic scarf! i found the pattern as a 3-way scarf from red heart's (coats and clark) webpage and then later found it as a leaflet by red heart's Foxy yarn (long fur) at wal-mart. so yeah, i've already started that project so i'll have to finish it sometime...