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2005-08-12 : 11:37 a.m.

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so many projects

doood. i totally finished the coat for mom. sometime i will have to get a picture of her in it. perhaps in october when its finally time to start wearing it.
the next thing i did was knit a gauge swatch for the cloche hat designed by marnie maclean (<3) and sent that to work with mom for her to block it. it comes out to pretty much the right size. since marnie has kind of an interesting knitting/pattern style and its on tiny yarn, i'm going to start by making the two leaves that go with the cute flowers on the side. i haven't quite figured out how the flowers are done so after the leaves i'm going to cast on for the main hat. the cast on is provisional because the hat is knit both ways but i've never done a provisional cast on and even though i've watched the video for it at a billion times, i'm still nervous.
right now i'm actually doing nothing on the hat, i'm just doing straight knitting on the magic scarf cause i really want the finished product on that one. its great cause it knits fast and its really fluffy. i'm really fond of handmade christmas presents so i'm looking at magic scarves and cotton bath mitts so far, but its really all about how fast they knit up.
the yarn for chris' sweater has yet to arrive.