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2005-08-15 : 8:50 a.m.

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the cast on gets me every time

so i finished the magic scarf... not only were both the bind off and cast on too tight to make it work as a poncho (i guess if i try again, i'll start it on size huge(tm) needles), but it won't stretch out long enough to make a normal sized scarf. so i guess i made a hood. it looks really cute as a hood though. i also think it looks good as a sleeve. i can just imagine making one more and then some sort of body. it would be a muppet coat since mom kept saying it looked like a muppet while i was making it.
i made two leaves for the hat i'm making (it has flowers and leaves as embellishment). they are leave shaped but they look kinda messy. most of that is from me trying to figure out how to maintain 1x1 ribbing while increasing on either side of the center stitch using a lifted knit increase.... i kind of wonder if instead of ribbing, she meant garter stitch. looking at her other patterns though, ribbing means ribbing. all well, they will barely be seen.
the other craziness with this hat was learning that there are two types of provisional cast on that you can take out later. actually, there's three if you count the fact that you can crochet a chain longer than the number of stiches you need and pick up and knit the number you need and yank the chain out later. the crocheted provisional cast on is casting on using the crochet method in waste yarn and then leaving a loop somehow. video example found here now the one that i started with is called the loop method provisional cast on which i saw a video for at i found that that method gave me the same problem as the e-wrap/backwards loop cast on does. i end up with a huge lenth of yarn between my two needles that gets longer and longer as i knit the first row. i also ended up with way too many stitches because it was difficult to count them all. so now i'm going to see if there is a really small crochet hook somewhere in our house and try the crochet method.