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2005-08-25 : 5:17 p.m.

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S(tash) E(nhancement) (e)X(pedition)

so a little update on my knitting... i've almost got the crown of the hat finished. i had to switch from circular needles to double pointed and i thought i had some pretty good ones in size 2 but they were old and plastic and one broke. that led to a trip to ben franklin's in perry where i got the size 2 dpn's, some solid, flat stitch markers, and discontinued clearance yarn! i got a ball/skein of paton's pixie which is a 100% nylon "new fleece" that is sooo soft. i got it for 2.50. i am going to make either a drop stitch scarf or one of those little shrug things (like this but without the stupid annoying collar and maybe smaller and tighter). so thats where i'm at for now.