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2005-09-21 : 9:14 p.m.

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look, yarn!

those balls of yarn went into the back of the sweater i'm making on my ultimate sweater machine. it was my graduation present for graduating from college, wheee. i ran out of yarn and had to order more from joann today.
i also made this from a pattern: i named it mikey and gave him to the kitties and stuffed him with catnip.
i really need to finish up my cloche hat and get pictures.
projects: knitting machine sweater for me, knitting machine purse for mom's wooden handles, hand knit 'leo' sweater for chris, hand knit elongated stitch scarf poncho (1 scarf made, 1 to go), and hand knit needle holder that i'm not all that excited to finish right now. mom also ordered me 6 balls of moda dea zing in chesnut to add to the 2 balls i already have to make the free pattern on their website which looks like a shiny fur wrap/stole.