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2005-10-30 : 12:46 a.m.

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thats right ladies and gents

its knitarchy!

i think that every time i work with a set of 4 dpns. i also think porcupine knitting, but dpns are slowly becoming my friends since i worked with them on the plain jane slippers. i can't tell you what this is going to be since it will be a gift, but i will tell you that it's a free internet pattern and the yarn is lionbrand wool-ease worsted. i like this yarn because its got that wool warmth/grittiness without being scratchy and dry (cause they add acrylic). it also only cost [my mom] about 3 bucks a skein/ball. it was sad to learn that our local ben franklin's had no pure wool yarn/yarn that could be reliably felted. they do have every type of novelty yarn you could ever want though. seriously.
i'm pretty much just adding this entry because.... i can :D