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2005-12-10 : 6:11 a.m.

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a discussion of fibers...

so some talk on another blog has caused me to pause and make note of my thoughts on different yarn materials.
first of all, if you compare red heart acrylic or any other cheap acrylic worsted to anything else, including wool, you will find that its much scratchier. however, not all wool is made alike. for one thing, certain wools do not seem to be processed properly for me and give me a burning sensation almost immediately upon starting to work with them *coughpatonsclassicmerinocough*, while other wools are lovely and soft. lately, i've been working with lion brand wool-ease (80% acrylic, 20% wool) and i find it to be a wonderful mixture of good qualities of both materials.
cotton also has a bad rap with knitters because it has a lovely tendency to loose its shape and be stiff, but what i think people need to do is realize that cotton is not as delicate as wool or silk. you can wash and dry cotton, which tightens the stitches, and use fabric softner. and block it quite well.

k, enough ranting. off to work, where i may be able to work on some of my christmas projects.