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2006-01-01 : 6:17 a.m.

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a would-be spinstress

since my last huge entry, i've made another bath mitt and started the llama friend to go with my alpaca. the bath mitt took two of the remnant balls off lily cotton that i had left. using my new digital kitchen scale, i weighed the finished one and the rest of my cotton and saw that i'm just short of being able to make two more. i'm not done with the alpaca, i'm just making the llama so i can decide if i have the yarn to give the alaca brown hoofs.
i also ordered this. that probably makes me totally dorky, but i don't care. they had an antique traveling spinning wheel at this shop in town but it was $225. thats actually not too bad as spinning wheels go, but i don't really want to spend that. mom said she could make one. i looked, but there are no free patterns out there for it. i do understand how they work now though. well, once i figure it out a little on the spindle, maybe i'll decide whether to persue a pattern.