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2006-02-02 : 2:38 p.m.

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i have a UFO disorder

So... Chris was giving me shit about having too many WIPs (work in progress). Thats because... its true... i do have too many. i promised not to start my newest yarn order until i finish some other stuff :/ luckily i think i'm going pretty speedy on some of them.

Things currently on the needles:

  •'s Leo sweater in Jaeger Trinity Colbalt for the Christopher maybe 10% (an entire sweater in dk weight yarn takes for fricken ever!)

  • Moda Dea's Zing Wrap in Chestnut ~25%-50%

  • to-be-felted alpaca & llama using Indiecita Alpaca worsted ~75% total

  • a second erte cloche; cotton yarn, in a lighter purple with dark purple contrast aka the summer version ~33%

  • one skein wonder; jo sharp desert garden in mareshino (which is a soft microfiber cotton blend)almost 50%, more yarn coming

  • bobblicious using 6 skeins of Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in Navy which i ordered using jake & julie's gift card ~50%

  • a felted knitting needle case in Patons Classic Wool Merino Leaf Green ~10% (thinking of ripping out and using knitting machine to crank it out)

Things I have yet to start/Yarn I've ordered:

  • the second scarf for my 2 scarf poncho

  • Odessa Hat using 1 ball Cashsoft DK in Bella Donna and 2 packages of 6mm glass based pearl beads edit: crap, the size 6 from the pattern is actually size 6/0, a seed bead size that actually measures 4mm, all well, beads is cheap; will try with larger first... sweet sweet hatty goodness...

and thats all i'm going to add to that second list until things get made.

also, i ordered a new knitting bag from ozeyarn with my 2 balls of jo sharp yarn. its blue with roses. hope it gets to the cleaners so i can finish stuff.