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2006-02-16 : 12:02 p.m.

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managing marnie's awesome pattern part 2

Pattern name: Erte Cloche
Designer: Marnie MacLean
Yarn: Heirloom 4 ply cotton
Thoughts: Overall I think this went better than my first attempt at this pattern/sock yarn. i definately like working with cotton more than i like working with wool. as you can see, though, the cotton makes the hat a bit on the floppy side (the flowers hardly hold their shape and i don't have any starch right now), but i want this to be a summer hat, good for letting out the heat and giving some shade. i made the brim about 1.5 rounds longer than the pattern, which isn't much but it seems alot longer than my first attempt. i put some yellow butterfly beads on the flowers of this one. people didn't believe i'd knitted the last one, so i definately don't think they'll believe i knitted this one. i may actually make a 3rd one of these... wow!
Pictures: (its really hard to take a picture of yourself and not get a double chin if you have short arms, so thats why the weird pose)

so now that we're done talking about that, here's my updated project list:

Things currently on the needles:

  •'s Leo sweater in Jaeger Trinity Colbalt for the Christopher 10% (an entire sweater in dk weight yarn takes for fricken ever!)

  • Moda Dea's Zing Wrap in Chestnut ~25%-50%

  • to-be-felted alpaca & llama using Indiecita Alpaca worsted ~75% total

  • one skein wonder; jo sharp desert garden in mareshino (which is a soft microfiber cotton blend)99%! i only need to weave in ends but it fits me funny aross the back :'-(

  • bobblicious using 6 skeins of Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in Navy which i ordered using jake & julie's gift card ~50%

  • a felted knitting needle case in Patons Classic Wool Merino Leaf Green ~10% (thinking of ripping out and using knitting machine to crank it out)

Things I have yet to start/Yarn I've ordered:

  • the second scarf for my 2 scarf poncho

  • Odessa Hat using 1 ball Cashsoft DK in Bella Donna; will probably start this soon using good ol darice pearl beads. anybody want the 6mm glass ones i ordered?
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