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2006-06-07 : 5:39 p.m.

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since my last post, i haven't finished a single thing on my list of stuff... and i've added even more projects! at this juncture, i'd say its only safe to post when i actually finish a project... such as today when i successfully went from roving to yarn to a little glovelet in about 12 hours (not all in one day).

first let me show you the yarn:

admittedly, it looked prettier in the skein, but i forgot i hadn't taken a picture until after i wound the ball (yarn winder = best $40 purchase ever).

now here is a little bit after i started knitting:

now, my original plan was to have two wrist cuffs or glovelets, if i had enough yarn, making them both at the same time so that they would be equal in size. however, i failed to realize that my yarn's gauge drastically changed from chunky to light worsted somewhere near the center of my center-pull ball. its hard to see from this picture but the right side piece was about twice as long after the same number of rows... but i figured i'd go with it... until i discovered that i was going to have some pretty short cuffs when i got to the last of my yarn....

so i continued with the thick one, ripping out the skinny one, which caused a tapered effect. then i unscientifically sewed up the side around my thumb and voila!

i didn't realize the true rockedness of it until i took this picture and my fingernails were all raggedy.
it's pretty warm, so thats all good for.. say... a late fall chilly day. of course, i'll have to make a similar thing for the other hand.

this roving came with my spindle so i couldn't tell you what it was other than wool and crappy (they damaged the fibers by using chemicals to remove the vegetable matter, muy itchiness). i got two more bits of free roving with that, an equally crappy undyed white wool and a semi-good grey-brown stuff that looks like they just pulled a strip of a huge batt of wool. i think it would make a good "black" and white candy cane yarn like what i made during my class and i think i could crank out another one of these from it too.

anyways, i have other knitting projects to finish so i'll limit myself... for now ;)