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2007-07-31 : 12:54 a.m.

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FO: The Ex's Sweater

Pattern: My own/just a basic top down raglan with straight sleeves
Designer: Meeeee
Yarn: K1C2 2nd Time Cotton (color: beluga blue?)
Thoughts: I made this for my ex because we had an agreement that he'd buy me yarn and I'd make him a sweater. And he'd already bought the yarn. (Actually, I couldn't make the original yarn work so I had to buy some other stuff but either way he still bought me yarn) I'm a little wary about how loose the neck on this thing is but we'll see how it looks on him when i finally wash it and send it to him. The way I cast off the waist and sleeves was to place a waste yarn 'marker' through all the stitches on one round, then knit about 20 rows and do a modified 3 needle bind off to the purl bumps below the marker. I did pick up purl bump w/ left needle, knit bump and stitch together, repeat, pass stitch over using a needle size or two bigger. It turned out really nice. I rather like how it looks on me so maybe if he doesn't like it i'll get it back. :P But yeah, it would be cool to make this again for me.