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Intolerable Cruelty

2007-09-07 : 11:36 p.m.

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THE Skirt

Pattern: Intolerable Cruelty
Designer: Ashley Moncrief
Yarn: SWTC Bamboo in Red
Thoughts: Even though it took me forever, it was totally worth it. Its so flattering, even xxl as it is. I wore it to a catholic wedding and reception and it didn't stretch out one bit (though you do sort of have to make sure that the corset lacing doesn't get uncentered on your behind). Mine ended up what I think the intended length should be, but I've seen them made much shorter on ravelry and other places. I believe it has to do with the shaping messing up your ability to measure properly and not entirely people's decision to make it exactly knee length. If I wore a smaller size, I'd knit another.