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2007-10-29 : 2:02 a.m.

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This is Halloween.

I discovered that notmartha linked to my giant spider cake again this year when I got a nice comment about it. Lucky for me that the pictures are still working :P
I have to work on Halloween this year so I probably won't be able to improve on my design. Tim and I came up with an idea to make a crab cake with the same kind of design. Not sure how we'd make the legs/claws, but my birthday is in July so my sign is cancer the crab. We may just try it in July '08.

I usually link my photos on my regular blog but since this has gotten to be my creativity blog, I think I'll link them here. Here is fall 07 so far:

We don't have many good leaves anymore, so I had to be creative in finding things that represented fall.