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2005-01-25 : 6:12 p.m.

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the hobo bag increases

so i couldn't figure out how to knit into the front and back for my hobo knitting bag! and even if i could figure it out it wasn't going to happen with the pebbles yarn. so i found a website with videos showing all sorts of different increases (among other things). i think it was anyways, instead of knitting front and back, i'm doing a make 1 behind. you pretty much just cast on a stitch to the right needle so that the thread ends to the back. according to the site, this would be bad if i was working with yarn where you could actually see it, but as it is you can't see jack.
so far, all is good. i'm about to start a new row style on my 1st body piece. its going so fast because it only take about 4 rows per inch on the size 8 needles. luckily thats how its supposed to be! woo, that means i got the gauge right.

i was at the crafts, etc webstore and saw that they make yarn with aloe vera built in so you moisturize and knit simultaneously. i so need to try that! i have been suffering from some sort of dry skin with eczema, so i can't use any lotion because it makes it worse. i'll have to price it.