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2005-01-28 : 6:33 p.m.

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decorative box of yarn!

i am halfway through piece two of the hobo knitting bag! after that i really have to finish my poncho and then start on either secret project #1 or a triangular scarf from caron jewel box. i just got some more of that jewel box today at hobby lobby. i was drooling over the fact that they had patons katrina which is listed in the pattern for secret project #a. of course katrina is 6.13/ball (fairly low price for katrina) and i need 15 balls. thats way too much money. so i try everywhere online looking for stretch yarn that isn't wool but nothing is cheap. i did find one kind but it only came in lemon yellow, ick. so i will probably just use some sort of cotton or denim style.
i got a big luggage style box at hobby lobby (40%) off. i crammed some of my yarn into it but i think more will fit.