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2005-03-07 : 9:58 p.m.

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fulling is cool

so since my last entry, i finished the hat for my snowman but i haven't done a scarf. i also cast on for one of my secret projects that is on size 35 needles. the basic pattern for it is k1b, k1, p1b, p1. the b means into the back of the stitch. i had to draw myself little diagrams but i finally figured out how they are supposed to go. i'm not really sure what the purpose of knitting into the back of a stitch is other than some sort of twisting.
i don't know if i mentioned that my vegan fox ( yarn substitution didn't work so i ordered a kit from fuzzy galore with the original yarn types in warm grey tones. i think it should look pretty awesome, even though i only have like 5 inches so far. you can really tell the high quality of the yarn.
the majority of this weekend was spent making a present for my dad. i used patons classic 100% merino and cast on 54 stitches onto size 11 needles. the pattern i used as inspiration said to use circular needles but hobby lobby didn't have them short enough. so i just knit till it was 19 inches in stockinette and then used the extra long tail to sew it into a tube. then i fulled (felted to some) it in the washer using instructions from the patons website. it was felt in 5 minutes. then i did some more cool stuff to it and made an insert using a cotton bandana filled with flaxseed. TADA! a hot/cold neck wrap:

(note the shrinkage -- my keyboard is only 18 inches long)

i think the button is a super duper cute added touch, and hopefully it doesn't break off. i tested it out, bandana part only, in the microwave and it was comfortably warm after 30 seconds. i thought the felt might be too insulating but after i took pictures of it and started loading them, i set it on my lap and it felt like i had a cat on me. it actually transmitted the heat really well.
i now have a bunch of left over flax seed. i'll just have to make something else filled with it.

spring break is coming up and i hope to do plenty of projects.