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2005-04-21 : 4:52 p.m.

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all together now: Aww, how cute!

The babyghan is finished! Here's pictures!

chris was really amazed when he realized i had finished with this in two weekends. i washed it and it got super soft and fluffy which kind of amazed me since it was kind of stiff acrylic. its not really crooked like that, i just didn't arrange it well on my bed. the lace effect on the blue stripes looks better from far away rather than dead on. up in the right hand corner, you can see the secret project i've been mentioning. i know, it just looks like a pile of yarn, but i promise you, its something.

the original pattern called for this hat to be entirely blue but that would have meant buying another skein of yarn, so i made it have a blue rim. i think its really cute that way. the pom pom started off looking rather like a pineapple top since i had to use tails off the blanket to get the blue in it, but after some trimming, it looks nice and cute.

i have a billion reason why this set is acceptable for both a girls and boys. break the gender thing people!

i had to buy two plastic needles to finish the hat since my yarn needle entered the void. other than that, i have really had no knitting adventures and i think i'm going to be busy for the next couple of weeks. actually, i'm free may 5th, but i may actually get a job. the last job i applied for actually says you can catch up on homework while doing it, so maybe i'll be able to knit there if i get it!