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2005-12-27 : 1:38 p.m.

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i just feel like making lists today

Things I knitted for christmas presents:

  • 5 bath mitts made from various ombres of Lily Sugar n'Cream

  • 2 pairs of Urban Necessities gloves; one in Lion Wool-Ease White Frost with cable diamond for Julie and one in the same yarn Oxford Grey without cable pattern for Jake

  • 1 pair of Plain Jane Slippers for Julie with cute strawberry buttons, which used up the last of my Black Red Heart Super Saver hugeass skein!!! (actually, there's remnant enough to use in a remnant project)

  • 1 pair of Thuja socks for Jake using some more of the Wool-Ease Oxford Grey

I still have quite a bit of both colors of wool-ease left. I also gave the snowgirl I posted previously to Sandy, who will give her a good home!

Things currently on the needles:

  •'s Leo sweater in Jaeger Trinity Colbalt for the Christopher

  • Moda Dea's Zing Wrap in Chestnut

  • A to-be-felted alpaca using Indiecita Alpaca worsted

Things I have yet to start/Yarn I've ordered:

  • at least 2 more bath mitts using the left over cotton since mom has bath mitt envy and i'm sure sandy would like one

  • the second scarf for my 2 scarf poncho

  • a second erte cloche; this time i ordered cotton yarn of the same 'gauge', also from, in a lighter purple with dark purple contrast aka the summer version (and i might make the brim longer)

  • I bought the one skein wonder pattern and i bought some jo sharp desert garden in mareshino (which is a soft microfiber cotton blend) from but i can't do math in my head and i think i need another ball (i could care less about dyelot so i'll just wait until i want something else)

  • bobblicious using 6 skeins of Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in Navy which i ordered using jake & julie's gift card

  • a felted knitting needle case in Patons Classic Wool Merino Leaf Green (also from jake and julie's gift, thanks guys!)

I think that about covers my adventures in knitting at this point in time, other than i'll probably try knitting with wire soon.

also, sandy got me the 2006 knitting pattern-a-day calender (almost) and melanie falick's weekend knitting. i do kind of want to make this pretty bolero thats in it but that will require finding a suitable replacement for a discontinued wool ribbon yarn and i'll get to that later.